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Did you know CRYONOMIC® is the …

  • 1st one in Europe building dry ice blasting systems (1992)
  • 1st one in the world with full remote control on the gun (1993)
  • 1st one in the world with air volume control (1996)
  • 1st one in the world with integrated gun light (2003)




CIP Pelletiser

The CRYONOMIC hydraulic pelletiser, fed by liquid CO2 from a pressurised tank, turns the liquid into CO2 snow, which is then compressed to form solid pellets. The pelletiser allows to produce pellets in various sizes, according to the application.

Whether you need pellets for dry ice blast cleaning or nuggets for cooling applications, with the CIP 4 we offer a versatile economic solution for producing your own dry ice. Standard delivery is with a 3 mm extrusion die dedicated for cleaning purposes. The CIP 4 can be switched to produce 2, 10 or 16 mm in a matter of minutes to suit your needs.
Thanks to the position and length of the pellet outlet, the CIP 4 enables the use of a wide variety of dry ice containers.

Applications of dry ice pellets:

Cleaning with pellets, cooled transport, catering industry, organ transport, de-clamping of metal parts, carbonic maceration, cloud making, …





Weather you need only a limited production capacity, a medium or a large capacity, we can offer you 4 types of the CIP 4 pelletiser, each one designed to meet your specific production requirements.

  • CIP 4L: production capacity: 225 kg/h
  • CIP 4M: production capacity: 125 kg/h
  • CIP 4S: production capacity: 55 kg/h
  • CIP 4XS: production capacity: 25 kg/h



CIC Dry Ice Containers

Guns: choose the most suitable gun for your specific application!

The large CRYONOMIC containers are robust, well insulated and can store the CO2 pellets for several days.

For long term storage, 4 types of containers are available:

  • The CIC 500 , CIC 300, CIC 150 and CIC 85 containers are well isolated although light weight containers with available contents of 500, 300, 150 and 85 litre respectively.

For short term storage, we offer 2 solutions:

  • The CFC 260 is a foldable container, useful in combination with 10 kg pellet bags (260 l, 220 kg).
  • The CIC 30 is a portable polystyrene box (27 l, 22 kg).

Dry Ice Containers
Dry Ice Container

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