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The COB Dry Ice Blaster is a one-hose machine designed for:

  • focused cleaning
  • low to medium pressure applications
  • excellent manoeuverability


Did you know CRYONOMIC® is the …

  • 1st one in Europe building dry ice blasting systems (1992)
  • 1st one in the world with full remote control on the gun (1993)
  • 1st one in the world with air volume control (1996)
  • 1st one in the world with integrated gun light (2003)




Maximal performance with minimal air consumption!

The COB series is designed to operate as a one-hose system. This unique CRYONOMIC® concept results in:

  • high performance cleaning with low air consumption
  • focused cleaning
  • low dry ice consumption
  • ergonomic design - light & easy to manipulate
  • excellent price/performance ratio
  • the ability to clean up to 30 metres away from blasting unit


Cryonomic COB 62
Cryonomic COB 62


COB blaster Characteristics

  • Chassis: complete stainless steel chassis
  • Outer dimensions: 380 mm x 570 mm x 890 mm
  • Weight: 66 kg
  • Hopper: 14 kg dry ice capacity
  • Blast pressure: 0,5-7 bar
  • Pellet consumption: Adjustable 20-80 kg/h
  • Pre-equipped for gun light!
  • Compact equipment
  • Reliable operation
  • Efficient in air consumption
  • Multifunctional


An ultra light, easy-to-handle gun, the MG 1002 has been specially designed for this blaster!


CRYONOMIC® COB gun light

The adjustable CRYONOMIC® COB gun light provides a clear spot with 10 super LEDs on the object to clean, focused at the ideal working distance.


Download leaflet 'Blaster COB Series' Download leaflet 'Blaster COB Series'


Guns & Nozzles for COB Blasters

Standard gun for COB Blaster:

Guns & Nozzle for COB BlastersA new MG 1002 gun has been specially designed for the new CRYONOMIC® one-hose blaster. It is easy-to handle, light and designed according to the needs of our customers:

  • The gun/hose connection and hose/blaster connection both have quick couplings.
  • A quick fit on the nozzles allows to change them without tooling in seconds.
  • The MG 1002 also has an integrated safety catch and an ergonomic thermoplastic handle.




  • No need for tooling to change nozzles or guns
  • Designed to mount the CRYONOMIC® 10 Leds gun light on all nozzles
  • Hose can rotate in both couplings (to the side of both machine and gun) which allows easy rotation of the gun during blasting
  • Solid and ultra-light
  • Wide range of standard nozzles available (further information below)



Live (low- to mid-voltage) equipment?

The MG1003 is the thermoplastic plastic version of the MG1002 for applications where non-conductive tooling is a safety requirement.

The MG1002 and its nozzles can be stored in a practical gun & nozzle box.



Available nozzles in plastic or metal:

  • Round nozzles for 2, 3 or 4 m3/min (standard)
  • Wide nozzles: 30, 45 and 60 mm width
  • Long nozzles available from 40 mm up to 2 m
  • Bent nozzles
  • Sound and Air reduced nozzles
Guns & Nozzles for COB Blasters
Nozzles for COB Blasters

If application circumstances require adaptations to existing equipment or development of new equipment such as guns or nozzles, the development team of CRYONOMIC® Equipment can offer you custom solutions.


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