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Key questions when considering your blast cleaning room:

  • What sizes are the parts being cleaned?

  • Will enclosure assist in desired recycling of blast media?

  • What volume of parts needs to be blasted? Will this equipment be used in a production mode or for occasional use only?






Where to put your blast cleaning room:

A blast cleaning room can be adapted into an existing building or room and can be fitted with manual or fully automatic abrasive recovery floors.









For requirements that cannot be met by containerised facilities, Power Blast are able to design, manufacture and install on site a wide range of permanent facilities.


Custom built blast room   Custom built blast room

Rail car cleaning for Bulgarian Railways


Prunus Blasting of Military Aircraft Components - BAE Filton



Custom built blast room   Custom built blast room

Rail Bogie Cleaning at Railcare Depots in UK and Nothern Ireland



Custom built blast room   Custom built blast room

Rotor Cleaning at Powergen Workshops


Electrical Rewinds in Ireland





If you have an available area or enclosure, or wish to construct one yourselves, Power Blast can provide all the necessary equipment together with arrangement drawings.


Self build blast rooms

All that is required are the basic room dimensions and the equipment package normally comprises:


  • Power Blast Machine

  • Abrasive Recovery and Cleaning System

  • Dust Collection Unit

  • Lighting

  • Lining

  • Electrical Control

Self build blast rooms
Self build blast rooms
Dust collection  unit


We have engineers who are able to assist in installation, commissioning and operator training on completion. Please contact us for any further information.



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