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Save Money

A good blast room can save money by allowing a high quality abrasive to be recycled dozens of times considerably reducing running and processing costs.

To reduce cycle times, a wide range of dust collectors and blastroom kit components are available to suit all applications or to retrofit existing installations.





The single most expensive item in a shotblasting room is the ventilation system and to ensure a well ventilated room with good visibility and rapid dust clearence, the sizing of the dust collector is critical (beware of low price undersizing).

Grit Recovery Units   Grit Recovery Units

Sizes Vary From Cabinets/Grit Recovery Units


Medium Size Room   Medium Size Room

Medium Size Shotblasting Room



Medium Size Shotblasting Room


Large Room   Large Room

Large Shotblasting Room



Large Shotblasting Room







The Semi Automatic or Sweep Up System where the spent abrasive is moved to a floor recovery hopper and the material is lifted and cleaned in a grit recovery unit.


Semi Automatic or Sweep Up System

Double lift model GRU-2 with capacity 4 tonnes/hour




A partial recovery system which utilises an underfloor screw conveyor into which the abrasive is swept and which uses a bucket elevator for lifting and cleaning the abrasive.


Bucket elevator with air wash and rotary sieve

Bucket elevator with air wash and rotary sieve for recycling heavily contaminated abrasive




A fully automatic system when 100% of the floor area is recovered using a series of screw conveyors set below floor level or within a low profile steel framework located at floor level.


Abrasive recovery system

Low profile above ground floor at depth of 230mm



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