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Autotrans Handling Systems

Autotrans work handling systems range from the Autotrans Single Axis Lift, for use where no lateral movement is required, to the fully automated multi-programmable Autotrans Mk4 and Mk5 Minor and Major systems, which handle loads of up to 80 kg and can operate several Autotrans heads simultaneously.

Automated systems may include load/unload stations or feed and exit conveyors. A 'basket recognition' feature available on Autotrans Mk4 and Mk5 systems allows automatic selection of the correct pre-programmed cleaning process to suit the basket contents.

Reduced running costs

Automation of the ultrasonic cleaning process reduces running costs with both solvent and aqueous systems by assuring consistent, repeatable quality, reducing reject rates, and increasing throughput.


Kerry Autotrans work handling systems

With Microsolve, automated solvent based ultrasonic cleaning systems further cost reductions result from controlling speed of basket entry and withdrawal from the vapour zone, thus reducing solvent drag-out and losses to atmosphere caused by disturbance of the vapour blanket.


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  Kerry Autotrans Handling Systems

Kerry Autotrans Work Handling Systems



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