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Microclean SC1000

The Microclean SC1000 cleans SMT stencils and misprinted PCBs, removing solder paste and adhesives to the highest cleaning standards.

Operation is fully automatic, with PLC-based controls The operator simply places the stencil inside the chamber, selects from up to eight programs, closes the interlocking lid and presses the ‘Start Cycle’ button.

Cleaning is by motorised rotating spray jets (the system does not use ultrasonics) delivering a safe aqueous wash solution from a pump pressurised at up to 60 litres/minute and 4 bar. This is followed by air purging, DI rinsing, a further air purge and warm air drying.

The SC1000 automatic stencil cleaner uses safe and economic aqueous chemistry with closed loop operation to minimise waste effluent.

Kerry Microclean SC1000



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SC1000 Stencil Cleaner

SC1000 Stencil Cleaner






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