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Microclean Multi-Stage

The standard Microclean 4-stage ultrasonic aqueous cleaning system (heated ultrasonic clean, rinse, rinse, warm air dry) suits a wide range of cleaning needs in aerospace, precision, electronics and other industries.

Closed loop high purity deionised water rinsing provides organic and ionic cleanliness superior to MIL standard. Standard Microclean features include undersurface jets and weir overflow to all wet stages.

Options include:

  • pre-clean module with oil separator for heavy duty cleaning
  • ultrasonics to rinse stages
  • vertical agitation to all wet stages
  • double capacity hot air drying for increased throughput.
  • Microclean 450 4-stage ultrasonic aqueous cleaning system with Autotrans Mk4 Minor
Kerry Microclean Multi-Stage


The Microclean's modular design means that additional stages can be added to meet a variety of process requirements.

Alternatively, a 3-stage system (heated ultrasonic clean, rinse, warm air dry) is also available. Microclean systems may be operated manually, fitted with lift (3-stage systems), or fitted with Autotrans Mk4 automation, when the Microclean's PLC-based control system interfaces with the Autotrans to provide fully automatic operation.

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Microclean Systems for Precision Optics and Ophthalmics

Microclean 4-stage systems are suitable for many less demanding applications in the optical industry such as removal of blocking wax and cerium oxide prior to inspection. Appropriate options may include vertical agitation to the cleaning tanks, ultrasonics to the rinse stages, and Class 100 HEPA filtration to the dryer.

Microclean systems of 5 stages and upwards are configurable to suit glass and plastic cleaning applications such as glass moulds, precision optics, contact lenses prior to sterile packaging, and organic and mineral lenses prior to hard coating and/or AR coating.

The Microclean's modular design means that systems can be extended to meet a wide variety of process requirements.

A typical 8-stage system may provide high pH cleaning followed by a neutraliser and then a series of pure water rinses. The final ultrapure warm air dry ensures that the substrates are dried in an atmosphere free from particles and organic matter.

Microclean Systems for Precision Optics and Ophthalmics




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