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Ultrasonic Generator

The `Guyson ultrasonic generator coupled with PrimewaveŽ controller incorporates numerous productivity and performance benefits that are now available on all of Guyson's larger 'Kerry Ultrasonic' equipment fitted with integrated generators as well as with a host of OEM products such as generator and submersible transducers, suitable for retrofit into pre and post cleaning tanks or for incorporation into new process lines.

Flexibility is one of the core Primewave strengths. The new ultrasonic generator can operate in a variety of ultrasonic applications, in aqueous, solvent or viscous liquids, and can be tailored by the operator to produce the quality of ultrasonic activity required, as dictated by the component complexity or by the substrate.


Ultrasonic Generator

The Primewave controller has the ability to control precisely the ramp-up of power delivery so it can deliver a surge of power to jump start cavitation in viscous liquids or it can feed in power incrementally to obviate damage to delicate items such as electronic circuits.

The new Guysonic generator has been designed for each of the two boards to produce up to 1000 watts of power when running at full power. They will deliver a real 1000 Watts output and not simply a nominal peak figure. For larger ultrasonic tank systems this equates to fewer generators being required and real savings to be made.

Single frequency generators produce a uniform band of energy equidistant from the transducers which are generally bonded to the underside of the tank, producing what is called 'standing' wave bands. This uniform wave of energy is caused by the unvarying frequency or 'note' created and can prove inefficient at specialist cleaning. Primewaving has the ability to produce more of a 'harmony'. It does this partly by increasing the effective width and quantity of the pressure wave bands, so reducing dead zones and hot spots in the tank solutions and producing a more homogenous cleaning action across the entire tank.

Primewave can also be used to power the two separate stages of a two stage cleaning machine, like the Kerry Microsolve, at different frequencies. Thus stage one could run 36kHz and stage two 66kHz for final cleaning or rinsing.

The generator can be cased in industry standard 19 inch rack mounted electronic enclosures and the individual internal boards are hot pluggable. This allows the generator boards to be removed from the enclosure and a replacement board inserted within minutes. Using the standard 19 inch rack mounted design also allows the generators to be easily and cost effectively configured in multiples for use in higher power applications.

The new system also features separate matching board PCB components which are directly linked to the specific tank transducers so that new boards can be easily tuned and do not require tricky matching set-up procedures. All of these features lead to a minimal downtime for maintenance and provide mission critical or very remote site applications (such as oil rigs) the ability to easily replace a spare board and maintain production without waiting for service call out visits.


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  Guysonic generator with Primewave controller

Guysonic generator with Primewave controller



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