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Waterwave Booths


Walk_In Wet Blast Machines : Waterwave Booths

Range of walk-in blast machine booths. Unique patented sump system avoids need to dig drainage pits. Supplied as complete units or as floor units for incorporation into existing facilities. Minimum size 1.4m x 2.9m. Maximum size : unlimited.


An operator wearing protective clothing controls a Mirus blast gun. The accelerated slurry from this, when directed at the component to be cleaned, will strip paint, rust, grease and other debris from the surface of the component. Rinsing of the component then takes place using a hand operated rinse gun.

When processing is complete, the components are removed from the blast area.


A media / water slurry is pumped to the blast gun where the mixture is accelerated with air and directed at the component to be stripped.





Self-build sumps


Self-build sumps.  Walk In Wet Blast machines



DIY blast unit ideal for incorporation into customer completed blasting facilities. An ideal way for fabrication companies to manufacture their own quality blasting booth without the need of engineering the functional part of the equipment. Available as a 1.7m x 1.7m basic unit which can be extended and incoporated into your own built booth.




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